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Broadway Cafe and Arctic Island

210 West Seneca Turnpike

Syracuse, New York 13205

315.469.1234/ (f) 315.423-7729

Located across from Meachem Field!

*Prices subject to change without notice*

*some orders require 24 hour notice*






Broadway Continental $35.99

Includes an arrangement of 8 deliciously fresh pastries, croissants and bagels served with butter, cream cheese and jam, orange juice and coffee. Feeds 6-8.


The Broadway Breakfast $7.25/person

An assortment of freshly made breakfast sandwiches with orange juice and coffee.


Breakfast Bag $19.99

Includes 12 freshly baked bagels with cream cheese, butter and jam. Feeds 10-12.


Pastry Platter $19.99

A fresh arrangement of 12 delicious pastries. Feeds 12.


Fit and Fruity Breakfast $19.99

Deliciously fresh low fat yogurt with mixed berries and granola on the side. Feeds 5.


Java Box

Large: (23 8 ounce servings) $27.99

Small: (11 8 ounce servings) $13.99

Juice and Assorted Breakfast Beverages $1.75/person


Meat Trays

Cafe Tray (Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, Mayo, Mustard)

Small Tray (Feeds 8-12)  $30.99

Medium Tray (Feeds 13-17) $42.99

Large Tray (Feeds 18-22) $56.99


Broadway Tray (Salami, Cappicola, Ham, Provolone, Swiss, American, Mayo, Italian Dressing)

Small Tray (Feeds 8-12) $30.25

Medium Tray (Feeds 13-17) $42.00

Large Tray (Feeds 18-22) $55.99


Sandwich Platters

Small (Feeds 4-6) $23.49

Large (Feeds 10-12) $46.99


Wrap Platters

Small (Feeds 6-8) $ 31.49

Large (Feeds 14-16) $ 62.99


Boxed Lunches

Chip Combo:

½ Sandwich, Choice of Chips or an Apple, Bottle of Soda or Water $8.15

Soup Combo:

½ Sandwich, Cup of Soup, Bottle of Soda or Water $9.25

Soup To Go

1/2 Gallon starting at $19.99 (8 8 oz servings)

Gallon starting at $39.99 (16 8 oz servings)



Chef Salad or $1.75/person

Antipasto, Julienne, Chicken Caesar $2.25/person

Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Almonds and Mandarin Oranges, Asian Chicken Salad, Cranberry Walnut Salad with chicken and crumbly blue, $2.75/person

Want your own mix? Create your own salad! Prices will vary.

Potato Salad $5.99/lb (seasonal)

Pasta Salad $5.99/lb (seasonal)

Fruit Salad $6.99/lb (fruits will vary with season)



Cheese Platter $2.75/person

Veggie Platter $1.99/person


Specialty Caters:

Pulled Pot Roast: $11.75/lb. Includes choice of horseradish mayo or BBQ sauce and Costanza Hard Rolls.


Chips $1.75

Assorted Party Box (Feeds 25) $31.25

Large Chips: $2.75

Assorted Party Box (Includes 12 Bags) $31.25

Rice Pudding $3.98/pound

Cookies, Brownies $1.75 or $19.99/dozen

Muffins $1.75 or $19.99/dozen


Homemade Ice Cream

2.5 Gallon Tub (serves 35-40) $30.25

Quarts of Homemade Ice Cream $7.50

Pints of Homemade Ice Cream $5.25

Sundae Bar

Includes 2 homemade flavors, two toppings, hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries $5.50/person

Ice Cream Cakes

7” (feeds 6-8) $16.48

9” (feeds 10-12) $21.45

Sheet (feeds 15+) $29.68

**$4.75 charge for cakes made with hard ice cream or yogurt. $1.75 for a specialty middle


Delivery Fee: $15.00

We deliver within a 10 mile radius and require a minimum order of $100.00 or more to deliver between 11-20 miles.



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