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Local café celebrates its 10th anniversary by showing great thanks to the Valley and City of Syracuse.
Syracuse, NY- In November of 2015, Broadway Café, in conjunction with Arctic Island, will celebrate its 10 year anniversary, with a tribute to the Valley Neighborhood and the City of Syracuse. Arctic Island Ice Cream was founded by Arnie Taub in 1948 and later sold to Daniel and Gwen Sorber in 2005. At the time, it was up for discussion as to whether or not Sorber would keep the existing property open as the ice cream shop. When he saw the type of comradery between Arctic Island and its regular patrons, he decided to not only keep the ice cream stand running but go one further and open up an adjoining café. In November of 2005, Broadway Café opened its doors and has been blessed to serve the public ever since.

The café is cozy with a fireplace and brick walls. It offers a wide variety of specialty sandwiches, salads, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, pizza, locally roasted coffee, catering services of course, Arctic Island’s homemade ice cream year ‘round. The café has served as a gathering place for people from all walks of life: children to retirees, high schoolers to teachers, business clientele to moms and dads.

Over the years, the Sorber family has been thankful to be a part of such a great community. Both employees and customers alike have made it possible for the establishment to celebrate its 10 year anniversary this November. Without loyal patrons and dedicated staff, the café and Arctic Island would not be the thriving business that it is today. To celebrate the occasion, the Sorber Family has worked with Michael Weismore, of CNY Murals, to design a one of a kind art piece as a tribute to the valley and the city. This mural will contain bits and pieces of what has both contributed to the success of Broadway Café and Arctic Island but also, what the Sorber Family and staff appreciates most about the Valley and City of Syracuse. Please join us on Friday, November 6 at 10 AM for the unveiling of the mural and a celebration of recognition from Centerstate CEO Ambassadors. Come watch as local students finish the mural with their handprints, making their mark to signify that a community that works together, grows together.

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